A-Z Series Recap

A-Z Series Recap

Thanks for following along with us through the A-Z of Frontier Mission. We had 25 authors from diverse backgrounds share their take on each idea in the alphabet, building a collaborative mosaic of frontier mission. We hope God's heart for the world and for his body came through clearly and personally in a fresh way.

On our side, we had fun putting the series together and arranging the art. Special thanks to all our collaborators and to our designer Matt Anderson who led the creation of each letter. We hope you were encouraged and uplifted by the series and were reminded that God is writing a story on your heart--giving you a unique part of his heart for the world around you.

Click on the image of each letter to read their respective full blog posts.

One more day without access to the gospel is one day too many. We play our part, following the Spirit's leading, to speed the fulfillment of his promise of blessing for all peoples.

Breakthrough is that holy moment when a stream of light pierces into the darkness of the frontiers, making way for the floodgates of faith, hope and love to be opened wide.

Convergence—because we are better together. Our unique contributions to the kingdom are brought together in strength at the crossroads.

From refugees seeking safety on Europe's shores to Indian entrepreneurs spreading their business savvy across the globe, the opportunities to reach the unreached are greater than ever before.

E is for EKBALLO
Ekballo = to send, thrust forth (et Greek)
"The harvest is plentiful but the laborers are few. Pray, therefore, the Lord of the harvest to ekballo laborers into the harvest fields." Matt 9:38
Pray. He will answer.

Frontiers are the challenges we have yet to discover, the limits we have yet to reach, the barriers yet to be broken.

G is for GLORY
We persevere to see His glory cover the earth, so that every people may taste and see that he is good.
"For the knowledge of the Glory of the lord, shall cover the earth as the waters cover the sea." Habakkuk 2:14

H is for HEALING
The healing of the nations is fruit of his promise, that all nations will know his fullness, his wholeness--his shalom.

"Where shall I live?" "Who has God given me to bless?" "How should I pray?" Choose to live every area of life through the lens of God's purposes.

J is for JUSTICE
God is in the business of Justice. Isaiah 42:3-4 "In faithfulness, he will bring forth justice; he will not falter or be discouraged until he establishes justice on earth."
The Greatest Injustice is that there are 7,000+ peoples who still do not have access the gospel.

K is for KAIROS
There are "hinge" moments in time, where our simple obedience shifts the trajectory of history.

4500 of the 7000+ languages are still in need of scripture. That's over 1 billion people who don't have access to all of God's Word in their language. (endbiblepoverty.org)

M is for MESSY
Messy happens when we risk, experiment and innovate. Sometimes messy is part of attempting great things for God.

N is for NEW THING
God surprises all as He completes history, fulfilling ancient promises in new ways.  

"Behold, I am doing a new thing" Isaiah 43:19

There is no barrier too big, no religion to strong, no heart too hard for the power of the Lamb to overcome. We walk daily in his authority and victory.

P is for PRIME
Prayer + Research + Innovation + Media + Engagement = Key ingredients for collaboration in God's global mission.  Where do you fit?


Breakthrough begins with questions: God, what's on your heart? What's it gonna take?

R is for RADICAL
The most radical act: He who was highest became the lowest to love the lowly. He was obedient unto death. (Phil 2:1-11)

Our most radical act: follow him.

S is for STORY
Every person and every people has a story. There is a story that can transform them all.

T is for THUMBS
A quick way to remember the least reached peoples of the earth:

T - Tribals (90 million) H - Hindus (771 million) U - Unreligious (161 million) M - Muslims (1.18 billion) B - Buddhists (273 million) S - Sikhs (30 million)

The 3,000 people groups who are still without access to the gospel--what greater priority is there in mission? (Romans 15:20)

V is for VENTURE
We move forward despite uncertainty because we are certain of what was promised.

W is for WORSHIP
We were created to worship, and we worship because he is worthy. "Let all the peoples praise you, oh God; let all the people praise you!" Psalm 67:5

X is for XIANDAO
The Xiandao people of China are a story of hope. They are a story of victory and breakthrough. Once unreached, now they are filled with an outpouring of the good news. May all peoples be as the Xiandao.
(Read more about the Xiandao at joshuaproject.net)

Y is for YES
We long to see God's 'yes' and our 'yes' together--gloriously evident throughout all the families of the earth. (Habbakuk 2:14)

Z is for ZERO
Zero is the goal--zero unreached peoples--because the gospel is for every people.

We'll keep you up to date.