Why Care about the Environment?

Why Care about the Environment?

Join us April 6th-7th, 2018 in Pasadena, CA for a 2-day event exploring the Gospel of the Kingdom at the intersection of environmental stewardship and ministry among the unreached peoples of the world.

I'm sure some of you have asked that question. In your mind you may have wondered, "I thought these guys at Frontier Ventures were all about the least reached? What does "creation care" have to do with that?"

The event name does include "…at the frontiers mission" but what is the connection?

At its core, creation care opens doors for the gospel. Most of environmental problem areas are where the poor live—those who can afford it, move!

So, working at global problem solving in areas of environmental mess ends up bringing two groups of people in touch with believers and normally results in people coming to God through Christ. This is true both for those who live in the area where a project is being done (often the poor) and environmentalists that are not followers of Jesus.

Peter Harris, co-founder of A Rocha and one of our presenters in April, has said that "environmentalists" are usually shocked when the see Christians working on these projects. It gives them actual hope that we care and draws them to Christ.

Why not come out to Pasadena on April 6-7 and join the discussion. We'd love to host you here at our facilities.

Register at: http://www.creationcaremissions.org/registration.html

Greg H Parsons

Director of Global Connections

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