Frontiers are the challenges we have yet to discover, the limits we have yet to reach, the barriers yet to be broken.

Jesus overturned the tables of religion in his day with his paradigm-shifting teachings and example. A similar seismic convulsion is seen as we read the book of Acts. The gospel simply cannot be held in check by human law, tradition or prejudice. It is radical in nature and refuses to sit still. Like running water, the nature of the gospel is to go beyond whatever barriers stand in its way. Barriers to the gospel remain today. And they are only overcome when a small minority respond to an apostolic calling to find a way beyond them. Right now there are 3 billion people who are cut off

from this gospel, living in the midst of some 7000 unreached people groups. The point at which a barrier prevents the free flow of the gospel is a mission frontier. These frontiers are there today because we have not yet followed God beyond them. Perhaps He is going where we do not wish to go. Perhaps we are blind to what He is doing. But whatever the case, these barriers are meant to be broken! Who will give their lives for the frontiers? Who will live to catalyze breakthrough at the very points where the barriers are strongest? Who will live and die to see the gospel unleashed and unhindered, parching the thirst of a dry and weary land? Jesus made the gospel possible. Peter made it available to the Jews. Paul made it available to the Gentiles. Who will make it available to the rest? The frontiers beckon as they always have. Do you feel them calling? Answer the call!

Dave Datema
Office of the General Director
Frontier Ventures

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