K is for KAIROS

K is for KAIROS

K is for KAIROS

Kairos = Greek word meaning the right or opportune moment

There are 'hinge' moments in time where our simple obedience shifts the trajectory of history.

The psalmists wrote, "I wait for the Lord more than watchmen wait for the morning, more than watchmen wait for the morning."(Psalm 130:6)

Just as the watchmen waited for the morning, watching the perimeter of the city for attackers or messengers approaching, we wait for God to speak. We tarry in His presence until He says, "Now is the time!" because we don't want to go somewhere He hasn't gone before us.

Like dominoes falling, one "yes" in obedience to Jesus can begin a series of events reaching beyond what we can see. A seed of love placed in someone's life by a simple act of kindness can lead to salvation, which can then lead to massive influence in the Kingdom by their consequent "yeses."

Even our seemingly insignificant "yeses," one-by-one, are shifting spiritual atmospheres, bringing light into the darkness, and transforming the world little-by-little. With God breathing His word into our here-and-now, our actions in His timing create catalytic explosions with ramifications reaching farther than we can imagine.

Praise God for heavenly strategies! Praise Him for who He is—the perfect leader we can trust who knows the supreme timing for everything!

Trusting Him enables us to respond in obedience when kairos moments seem disruptive or inconvenient, which they often will. Holding our lives open handed means saying "yes" to stopping to pray for someone on the way to a meeting, or giving up free time to help the old woman who lives down the street.

Building the Kingdom of God is done by seizing kairos moments. They are most often simple, daily decisions God puts before us, but added up across the Body of Christ they create culture-shifting transformation.

This was written by Jamie Corder on behalf of the Circuit Rider Movement.

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