Pursuing a Decentralized Model of Ministry

Pursuing a Decentralized Model of Ministry

Frontier Ventures (FV—formerly the U.S. Center for World Mission) and William Carey International University (WCIU) leadership are developing a shared vision of greater synergy and unity that remains firmly focused on reaching the last remaining peoples on earth with the gospel of the kingdom. The last two decades have radically changed how the world works and collaborates. Real physical space continues to be an important part of our work, but our property needs have shifted from an attractional model with an identity linked to a central location to a vision of a network of communities around the world. This network of communities would enable broader collaboration with the frontier mission movement and in many cases, closer proximity to unreached peoples.

Following a period of consideration, William Carey International University has decided to explore the interest that potential buyers might have in purchasing its campus and a portion of the housing that they own in Pasadena, CA. Frontier Ventures has chosen to consider the sale of its own properties on the north side of the Pasadena campus.

Both WCIU and FV expect to have a long-term presence in Pasadena and are currently coordinating efforts to be sure there is adequate work, community and sacred space as well as adequate housing for staff and visitors.

All proceeds from the sale of property would be reinvested to support continued and expanded engagement with our original purpose.

We are soliciting bids from serious buyers. We are exploring alternative investment options. Both boards have placed a priority on seeking to find a buyer, or buyers, that would minimize disruption to current tenants and maintain continuity of purpose, if possible and reasonable.

After receiving potential offers, the boards will decide whether any of the offers best help us accomplish our shared mission to work with and through pioneering leaders, organizations and institutions worldwide to establish movements to Jesus that express the fullness of the kingdom within every people.

Those of us who helped with the campaign to purchase the campus, who knew Dr. Winter and worked with him for decades, also knew how much he loved this campus and the community it sustains. That said, he was a very pragmatic man. There is little doubt in our minds that he cared more about leading a movement to reach the peoples of the earth and identifying and overcoming barriers to the gospel than he would about keeping all of the property, if the location and realities of owning and managing the property were limiting our strategic impact.

We'll keep you up to date.