T is for THUMBS

T is for THUMBS

T is for THUMBS

Did you know there is a "digital," easy-to-use prayer guide for the unreached that fits in the palm of your hand?

It's not a mobile app. It's the THUMBS method of praying for the peoples of the world using the fingers (aka "digits") on your hand.

THUMBS is an acrostic to help us remember to pray for the major religious blocs of the least-reached peoples of the earth:

T - Tribals (90 million)

H - Hindus (771 million)

U - Unreligious (161 million)

M - Muslims (1.18 billion)

B - Buddhists (273 million)

S - Sikhs (30 million)

Take a marker and write the letters on your hand. Then every time you look at your hand pray for gospel breakthroughs among the people groups in each of these religion blocs.

And when someone notices the letters, you have a perfect opportunity to share the prayer burden with them.

You could call it the THUMBS challenge. And try to make it go viral—you know, by not washing your hand, or, better yet, by encouraging others to write it on their hands and pray with you.

Team Expansion has produced a handy full-color prayer guide using the THUMBS method that you can access for free! In addition to praying generally for people in the six broad categories, you'll be presented with specific unreached groups in each religious bloc that are currently the focus of pioneer missionary outreach.

Duane Frasier works with Joshua Project, a ministry of Frontier Ventures.

We'll keep you up to date.