Y is for YES

Y is for YES

Y is for YES

We long to see God's 'yes' and our 'yes' together--gloriously evident throughout all the families of the earth. (Habbakuk 2:14)

A life that is walking in step with the Spirit is a life that is saying yes to Jesus in the daily decisions. Each moment is a new opportunity to say yes to the abundant life we have been called to. Each yes is agreement in intercession for what is on God's heart. Each act of obedience has the power to shift the trajectory of history.

Simple obedience changes history.

While writing this blog post, I was sitting on the beach at sunset when a young man named Raul came up to me asking what I was writing. I got to share with him how saying yes to God has changed my life. He asked for my advice on a life problem he was experiencing. I had a choice in that moment: to give a short answer or take the opportunity to say yes to God in sharing his gospel with someone. An hour later Raul was confessing his problems to God, asking God to help him, and being filled with the Holy Spirit. My simple act of joyfully saying yes to Jesus in a moment had a domino effect on another person's life to say yes to Jesus for a lifetime.

Why does God choose to partner with us? Why do our choices play such an important role in the grand scheme of His glorious story among the nations? What would happen if an entire generation said yes to Jesus daily? I believe our "yeses" have the ability to fill a dark sky with light. When we resolve with every fiber of our being to bring heaven to earth, that is when the glory of the Lord will cover the earth as the waters cover the sea (Habakkuk 2:14).

I invite you to pray the following YES statements with me:
I say YES to you Jesus! I'M ALL IN!

I say YES to your promises.

I say YES to praying what's on your heart.

I say YES to doing what needs to be done.

I say YES to proclaiming good news to the poor, opening blind eyes and setting captives free.

I say YES to being a light to the nations.

Let my YES align with your YES to bring wholeness to all peoples.

He is constantly inviting us into a deeper place of knowing him. Listen. He is speaking.
Abide and Obey.
You never know how you're simple yes will change the trajectory of history.

Rebekah Pearce is on staff at Frontier Ventures.

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