Insight is a powerful college-level worldview and foundation builder that helps to develop global minded disciples with a firm grasp of the mission of God and their part in it. INSIGHT is an acronym for INtensive Study of Integrated Global History and Theology, and it is just that. In one year, students study the scope of history integrated with social sciences, world religions, missiology and theology.

INSIGHT gives students who are entering college needed time to grapple with major ideas, philosophies, and current issues at the college level while earning 36 units of college credit from Trinity International University.

The course is broken down into 4 sequential, chronological modules of 36 lessons each. Content is integrated from many disciplines, including but not limited to history, the social sciences, philosophy, theology, literature, and science.

Throughout Insight, students study the Bible and explore the biblical, historical, cultural, and strategic facets of mission. They interact with many authors, perspectives, and current trends in missiology.

Students leave Insight with the Biblical and missional academic background of a missionary candidate, an intellectual foundation for their faith, and with a year of college credit under their belts.

At the Pasadena location, students have access to a rich environment of missiological discussion from cross cultural veterans, as well as exposure to night and day worship and prayer for the nations. The greater Los Angeles area is home to some of the richest ethnic diversity in North America.

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