Joshua Project

Joshua Project seeks to bring definition to the unfinished task by providing accurate, regularly updated ethnic people group information critical for understanding the scope of the Great Commission.

For over seventeen years, Joshua Project has been a leader in gathering, integrating and sharing people group information to encourage pioneer church-planting movements among the least reached people groups of the world and to facilitate effective coordination of mission efforts.

Joshua Project receives data from a variety of sources including the Ethnologue, SIL, WCD, IMB, regional research such as COMIBAM, MANI, Asia Harvest, Omid, Finishing The Task (FTT), Jesus Film, Global Recordings, Faith Comes by Hearing, Operation World, and a wide variety of mission agencies, field workers, census data, denomination reports, and surveys.

The ministry is actively tracking engagement status along with Finishing the Task (FTT) and the IMB. South Asia is the most complicated part of the world when it comes to people group listings and Joshua Project has the most detailed set of data, by caste, as well as country, state, and district levels.

The Joshua Project website contains rich information including people profiles, photos, maps, statistics, in depth search features, language resources, handouts, videos, articles, PowerPoints, prayer cards, guides and calendars, as well as ideas for involvement.

Joshua Project has produced a successful "Unreached People of the Day" prayer app for Apple and Android users. Updates are also available by email in English, Spanish, Portuguese, and Korean.

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