Judson International School

Judson International School is based on the campus of the Venture Center in Pasadena, CA. Judson is a Christian school where all subjects are taught from a Biblical worldview, without any emphasis on specific dogma.

Judson has a culturally diverse faculty and student body. Many of the teachers come from or have worked in places around the globe – the Pacific, the Caribbean, the Middle East, Latin America, and the Far East. Students originate from more than a dozen different countries.

Judson has a unique curriculum called the International Christian Curriculum. It focuses the students' eyes and minds on the entire world throughout all of history, and integrates individual subjects into a unified whole to enhance learning.

Students use an investigative learning approach to explore and discover their world. The school hosts many "hands-on" activities including several meaningful field trips for every class each year. From Kindergarten on the students have pull-out classes for art, music, computer, PE and Spanish, studying with highly qualified teachers. Students also have the opportunity to participate in after-school enrichment programs and inter-school sports. After-school childcare is also available.

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