PRIME is a strategic paradigm that brings together a diversity of skills for the purpose of accelerating Kingdom breakthrough among the least reached peoples on earth. PRIME is a shorthand method of referencing Prayer, Research, Innovation, Media, and Engagement.

These elements may be understood as broad categories that loosely define critical aspects of frontier mission work. While none of these are new, what is new about PRIME is the way in which it envisions a dynamic unity between each category that overcomes those barriers to fulfilling the Great Commission, which are beyond the reach of any one movement alone.

PRIME is the template, the operating system, the grid by which groups that have normally worked apart from one another, siloed from each other's influence and resources, can join together for the common goal of accelerating breakthrough.

When you understand this paradigm—that each category of PRIME can be viewed not only as an independent movement, but as part of a whole—it's easier to recognize what part you are and what part you're not, as it relates to a bigger picture.

PRIME then helps individuals, ministries, and movements identify strengths, emphases, and weaknesses; it enables them to be comprehensive, integrated, and aligned in their approach; most importantly, it informs team-building and strategic networking opportunities.

As we have endeavored to serve the frontier mission movement from a "neutral crucial" position over the last 40 years, PRIME has arisen from this positioning as a tool to serve to strengthen and undergird the work that is already taking place and hopefully catalyze its advance to regions and peoples beyond.

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