Roberta Winter Institute

The Roberta Winter Institute is on a mission to ignite a theological shift in the body of Christ as it pertains to disease and the role of believers in disease eradication it as a part of the mission of God.

The RWI exists to champion the cause of disease eradication for the glory of God. Toward this end, the RWI drives new thinking, sponsors events, promotes scientific research, and fosters new endeavors aimed at conquering the roots of disease. This phrase, "roots of disease," is key to the RWI's existence.

The RWI is not simply about treatment or cures, but about exploring the origins of debilitating diseases with an eye toward global eradication, thereby restoring God's glory in the process.

Ultimately, the Roberta Winter Institute envisions a vibrant and sustained movement of believers who are committed to the eradication of specific diseases through careful strategies, generous funding, fervent prayer, and deliberate action, in demonstration of God's will and for God's glory. The RWI was founded in 2001 shortly after the death of Roberta Winter, who died of multiple myeloma.

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