William Carey International University

William Carey International University prepares men and women to discover and address the roots of human problems around the world by offering graduate degrees in International Development, emphasizing the cultural and historical aspects of this field. Through partnerships with NGOs, WCIU seeks to improve the effectiveness of their agency members and the quality of NGOs around the world.

WCIU primarily exists to provide foundational education for proven leaders: those working cross-culturally with NGOs, bicultural leaders / scholars from the Global South and globally-minded members of churches from North America. Each student must receive a referral from an NGO recognized by WCIU, such as a faith-based development agency or a local church.

The field-based, mentored approach provides for a relationally-oriented learning experience for students who work toward a degree on a part-time basis while maintaining active participation in their area of cross-cultural service. Students are not required to attend classes on campus and thus their studies can be undertaken anywhere in the world. The learning experience is designed to promote the application of foundational learning.

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