Since its inception in 1976, Frontier Ventures has served alongside pioneering leaders serving the least reached peoples of the earth.

We are a Missional Order, which means that we grow as men and women in Christ through formation and community, and from that depth of life we respond to God's invitation to pursue the fullness of God's blessing for all peoples and the reconciliation of all things in Christ.

We create spaces for spiritual formation and community as a pathway to become our truest most alive selves for the sake of the world. We welcome and celebrate the distinctiveness of our collective humanity, made in the image of God, and pursue becoming a people marked by depth, openhandedness, belonging, faithfulness, and vulnerability.

Our initiatives are shaped by our focus on nurturing new ways for least-reached peoples to experience the fullness of life in Jesus, leaning our work towards the socio-religious peoples with fewer than .1% known followers of Jesus.

We are executing a multi-year transition from a single North American hub to a multi-centralized network of Hubs that are closer to the frontiers. This will posture our community to be more diverse, closely engaged with practitioners, and connected to the contexts we hope to influence.

We will continue to shape environments for pioneering leaders to continue to engage the emerging world with missiological insight, collaboration, innovation, training, mobilization, and publishing to see breakthroughs of the gospel and movements to Jesus among all peoples.

We'll keep you up to date.