2nd Half Collaborative

The 2nd Half Collaborative (2HC) is a 10-month online, cohort-based journey for mission workers.

Our destination? Spiritual depth, discernment of life contributions, and friendship for second half of life flourishing and fruitfulness. Our distinctives are a commitment to safe and honest sharing, monthly rhythms of learning, virtual retreats, spiritual direction, coaching, and formation through regular spiritual practices. Subscribe below to stay connected to our 2HC community.

2HC was initially shaped by four mission workers with many years of collective cross-cultural experience. They have navigated the numerous joys and challenges of living on mission among the unreached. Joining together as friends on the road, they have supported each other to keep discerning and living into their life callings.

Our second cohort of 22 mission workers has completed their 2HC journey. We launch our third cohort at the end of August 2023, encouraged as we come alongside mission workers to help them enjoy vibrant communion with God, supportive community and sustainable mission.

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