Institute for Community Transformation

The Institute for Community Transformation (ICT) provides an innovative, interactive, and experiential graduate and college-level online education to young and mature students all around the world. ICT's courses aim to bring whole-person transformation to our students to empower them to be agents of whole-community transformation unto the fullness of life in Christ. Integrating former FV programs INSIGHT and Commission Training into its online curriculum, ICT was birthed in 2020.

ICT's whole person formation approach integrates interdisciplinary academic study (the renewing of the mind or "head") with discipleship and spirituality (the formation of the "heart") and hands-on practical engagement (the equipping of the "hands"). ICT offers four areas of concentration—

  • Community Health
  • Integrative Missiology
  • Movement Dynamics
  • Social Business

To ensure deep impact on students, ICT offers a highly relational form of online education through weekly video calls and discussions and monthly personalized discipleship and mentoring sessions.

ICT faculty include academic experts, spiritual leaders, mission thinkers and practitioners, movement leaders, and successful professionals.

Students who seek a Bachelor's degree can transfer up to 90 units from ICT courses into an accredited university to complete an accredited Bachelor's degree in Business, Non-Profit Management, or Christian Ministry and Leadership. ICT is working on a BA completion degree in Community Transformation.

ICT launched a pilot cohort in September 2020 with twenty students from five countries in Africa and North America. Many of the current students are already giving testimonies of the powerful impact the ICT courses have on their perspectives, spirituality, community transformation, and mission efforts among diverse unreached and neglected peoples.

Currently, ICT is laying the foundations to launch national ICT programs in three countries in September 2021. This foundational work includes an initiative to translate ICT course materials into another language.

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