The International Journal of Frontier Missiology provides in-depth, cutting-edge thinking related to the frontiers of mission work and practice. Mission professors, field missionaries, mobilizers, executives, and researchers who are looking for the latest thinking in frontier missiology depend on it for its rich content. Back issues cover over thirty years of thinking and insights and are currently available online.

The IJFM seeks to promote dialogue, cultivate fresh frontier missiology, encourage multidimensional and interdisciplinary studies, foster spiritual devotion and provoke intellectual growth related to the cause of frontier mission.

One of the ways the journal does this is through the yearly ISFM conference (International Society for Frontier Missiology). The society focuses on the promotion of thinking and sharing on an international level in the area of missiology, oriented toward a concern for the unfinished task of world evangelization.

Subscribers and readers of the IJFM, as well as members of the ISFM, come from a wide variety of backgrounds. Mission professors, field missionaries, young adult mission mobilizers, mission executives, and mission researchers all look to the IJFM and ISFM for the latest thinking in frontier missiology.

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