Perspectives on the World Christian movement is a paradigm shifting course that helps believers from all walks of life discover how God is redeeming people from every tribe, tongue, and nation and how he calls all disciples to participate with him. The course explores the Biblical, Historical, Cultural and Strategic dimensions of God's redemptive story.

The 15-week course is generally held one night per week, in approximately 200 locations throughout North America each year. For many who have participated, Perspectives has brought radical change in their understanding of God's eternal purposes and their specific role in it.

Many serving in the frontiers of mission have said that Perspectives has played a major part in their decision to serve cross culturally in mission.

The most unique aspect of the course is the diversity and quality of the instructors. Generally, every class schedules a lineup of Biblical scholars, missionaries, pastors, professors, and mobilizers who bring a wealth of experience and passion to each lesson. Students hear from 15 different instructors over the course of 15 weeks.

The Perspectives on the World Christian Movement Reader has been used in numerous seminaries and training schools throughout the world. The Reader, along with the study guide, is a collection of the best articles by a wide variety of Biblical scholars, historians, missiologists, and practitioners. It ushers students through the study of God's mission and character through the Bible, Christian history, culture, and the task remaining in world evangelization.

The Perspectives course has been taken by over 200,000 students globally since its beginnings in 1974.

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