Ralph D. Winter Launch Lab

Change is the new constant in our social systems: from technology to pandemics to shifting social structures, everything is in flux. Strategic adaptation enables us to not just survive but thrive amid disruptive change.

At the Winter Launch Lab, we innovate around complex problems. We've worked with non-westerners to share Jesus with unreached people groups and with evangelicals who are working to mitigate against climate change. Innovation moved us to assist health professionals during the coronavirus pandemic and people sharing the gospel message in the Buddhist world. The spiritual application of innovative problem-solving in complex systems is our core skill set. We use and teach it to help introduce a holistic gospel to everyone, especially with those living past the borders of world Christianity.

Innovation that brings change to a society starts with people who have been changed. It takes embracing a deliberate cycle of seeking understanding, prayerful reflection, and discerning new ways forward. We offer a one-year to three-year process where teams learn deeply about the context impacting an issue where they want to see change. They learn group discernment and how to apply that discernment using design thinking and prototyping.

Sometimes all that is needed is a quick start to finding sustainable new ways forward. To help with leadership challenges we offer a Peer Consultation process, developed by the Kansas Leadership Center. It helps leaders to see their challenge and the issues at stake from new perspectives, leading to new insights, next steps, and emerging solutions to complex challenges.

The Winter Launch Lab is part of Frontier Ventures. Our passion has its roots in our founder, Ralph Winter. He pioneered the change in mission strategy from national approaches to the "hidden peoples" context. His thinking led to the creation of Joshua Project and Perspectives on the World Christian Movement.

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