Our New Mailing Address + Office Location

Our New Mailing Address + Office Location

Hello + Happy New Year!

In previous communications, we shared about the possibilities, and then plans, for the move of our offices. Well, we are excited to share that we have... MOVED!

Our new location is about 10 minutes from our previous Pasadena campus. We are looking forward to future gatherings and events that will include friends, partners, and neighbors. For more background about how we got here, keep scrolling for more of our unfolding story!

We are already in the moving process, which will be 100% complete by February 2022.

PO Box 41450 Pasadena, CA 91114

If you are in the area and plan to visit, we'd love to connect with you and show you our new digs! Reach out and let us know you are coming to visit us and we'll give you our physical address.

We want to see at least 500 experiments towards new ways for least reached peoples to experience fullness of life in Jesus... resulting in at least 100 that bear real fruit.

In 2021, we launched more than a dozen such experiments including a number of projects among various Muslim, Buddhist, and Hindu people groups. Most of these experiments are being launched from our first internatinal Hubs!

For over 40 years, most of our offices have been housed in Hudson Taylor Hall (HTH) in Pasadena, CA. Over the past year, in part due to zoning requirements established by the City, but also in order to accelerate our shift to a multi-hub organizational structure to better support the vision we are called to, we decided to sell HTH, identify a new nearby location, and move into a much smaller office footprint in Southern California.

Our aim in this season is to listen well to God's invitations in these core areas; innovation, spiritual formation, missiology, and publications, and trust in the goodness of a God who goes before us.

If you would like to know more, contact us at [email protected] or DM us on Instagram.

Thank you for your being with us on the journey!

We'll keep you up to date.